10 Best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh

10 Best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh


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At present time PCS coaching in Chandigarh has become a necessity in the cutthroat competition. A lot of youngsters are preparing for the PCS exam 2018 in order to become an PCS officer. Talking about the Chandigarh, then people from, Himachal Pradesh come to Chandigarh to prepare from PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh.

PCS coaching in Chandigarh requires passion, general knowledge, current affairs, advice, and grit practice in order to compete with the aspirants all over the country. Some of the best PCS coaching institutes in Chandigarh can help you all the way through. So let’s have a look at some of these coaching institutes.

List of the 10 Best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh

Brain Tree IAS Academy

Brain Tree is witnessing a new period of growth because of the faith of student who believes us. We want our institute to be well managed to serve our students. We are committed to following the highest and latest class of study material for our students. To serve better we have the best teachers from different colleges and universities. Development and further expansion of students knowledge is our main aim in their respective courses. We will continue to support our students with the latest version of books and study material. Brain Tree is the best institute in Chandigarh, made for professional IAS (Indian Administrative Services) students. We are serving our students for more than 15 years in sector 17 D Chandigarh and earlier we have served them in sector 15 for 5 years so we have a good track record of 20 years.


O2 IAS Academy

The O2 IAS Academy is a premier institute for the PCS preparation. The objective of the coaching institute is to nourish the conceptual roots of the knowledge deeply. The HCS coaching institute in Chandigarh has one of the best faculties in the city and this is where it makes an impact. Talking about the facilities provided, then o2 IAS Academy is counted in one of the best PCS coaching centers in Chandigarh.


SNM IAS Academy is the Top IAS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh and the surrounding region. It is the premier institute that imparts coaching and guidance to young and dynamic aspirants and molds them into successful Civil Servants serving the nation. The institute has got a glorious work history of more than ten years consistently emphasized on producing a quality candidate to fit into august services.

The institute has got veteran faculty who are well qualified, bearing experience of IAS & Other State Civil Services Examinations. While selecting the faculty, the institute gives due weight to the person who could anticipate the importance of issues for a particular level of examinations.  Our teaching vogue takes care of facts on the topic along with current issues on the fact coupled with the nature of questions in CSAT, Mains, and personality test on the particular fact. We believe in building the strong rudimentary basis of the candidate and endeavor onerously in this direction.

CS Mentors

One of the best PCS coaching in Chandigarh, the CS Mentors have shown the tri-city what it means to be the systematic preparation of the PCS exam 2018. The batch size of the PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh is very less so that the students can gather more knowledge. The teachers are friendly and are responsible for the overall development of the student. Talking about the PCS coaching fees in Chandigarh, then the coaching institute has a moderate fee in comparison to the other PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh. Want to prepare for PCS? Give it a try!


Chanakya IAS Academy

Started in the year 2012, the Chanakya IAS Academy has shown an exponential curve in terms of growth. Chanakya IAS Academy has one of the finest infrastructures in the tri-city which help in the brilliant implementation of the teaching-learning procedures. Moreover, the coaching institute follows a strict and disciplined pattern in terms of the course completion, making it the most disciplined PCS coaching in Chandigarh.

Talking about the other aspects then the coaching institute provides regular doubt counters and falls under the category of moderate PCS coaching fees in Chandigarh.


The Vision IASPCS coaching in Chandigarh

The Vision IAS Academy is counted in the best PCS coaching in Chandigarh. The reason behind this is the study environment and the teaching faculty of the coaching institute. There are regular test sessions which helps the students to get more grip on the topics. The infrastructure of the PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh is great to maintain the study environment. The coaching institute provides the test series, notes, monthly and weekly magazines so that the students don’t even miss a single current affairs day. If you are really into the PCS preparation, then Vision IAS is a must try.


Raj Malhotra’s IAS AcademyPCS coaching in Chandigarh


A well known PCS coaching in Chandigarh, Raj Malhotra’s IAS Academy manages to maintain its lead each year. The best PCS coaching center in Chandigarh has given brilliant results back to back each year. The coaching institute has a lower batch strength and provides all the study material so a student can just focus on the learning. The PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh has experienced teachers for each and every subject taught. Raj Malhotra’s is well known introduced with the PCS pattern and prepares its test series and the course material according to the latest trends. Moreover, the PCS coaching fees in Chandigarh is also moderate according to the quality of the service provided.

Abhimanu IAS Study GroupPCS coaching in Chandigarh

One of the best PCS coaching in Chandigarh, Abhimanu IAS study group has a stone marker in the quality PCS preparation institutes’ list. The best PCS coaching center in Chandigarh provides the well-researched study material, doubt counters, test series, motivation sessions, counselling sessions, and everything else which you can expect from a PCS institute.

PCS coaching in Chandigarh has the best faculty picked from all over the country. Every teacher is focused on the student-oriented teaching methodology. The students get the best out of PCS coaching. Backup classes? Not an issue with the Abhimanu IAS study group, since the coaching institute, provides every facility on students’ request.

ALS IASPCS coaching in Chandigarh

ALS IAS is another PCS coaching institute in Chandigarh follows a brilliant methodology in teaching the students. The procedure of the institute is genuine that it never hold back in providing the best results in the tricity. Talking about the PCS coaching fees in Chandigarh, then ALS IAS then the coaching institute takes care that the students have the maximum coaching experience in the moderate fee structure.

The most amazing thing about the coaching institute is that its study material is complete. A student never has to look out for the other information sources. It is probably one of the best PCS coaching in Chandigarh.

Dronacharya IASPCS coaching in Chandigarh

Talking about the PCS coaching in Chandigarh, talk Dronacharya. Dronacharya IAS is one of the best PCS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. The reason behind the IAS coaching in Chandigarh being so efficient lies in its coaching procedure. The PCS coaching institute prepares the students for PCS mentally and emotionally. Teachers make sure that the students recall each and every concept again and again. This way, every concept gets on their tips.

PCS coaching in Chandigarh does the overall development of the student. This is so that no just the PCS, he gets efficient enough to give other exams.


Anil Narula’s IAS Study CentrePCS coaching in Chandigarh

The last but not the least best PCS coaching in Chandigarh is the Anil Narula’s Study Centre. The coaching institute is unique in its own. This is because of the way it treats the students. The faculty is humble and never skip a day to clear the doubt of the students. Moreover, the PCS coaching in Chandigarh provides every facility to the student required to top this prestigious examination.

The study environment of the PCS coaching centre in Chandigarh is fruitful for the students. It helps them to get the best out of PCS coaching.


So this was the list of the Best PCS coaching centre in Chandigarh. You can connect to these PCS coaching in Chandigarh with the information given above. For any other information, go to the “Contact Us” page of the website and connect with us.

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