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NDA exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is one of the most prestigious exams to get into the defence services of our country. The admissions in the Army, Navy and Air Force exam. Getting selected in the forces is not just a matter of career but pride as well as you get an opportunity to serve your motherland.

Considering the value that this one exam holds, the candidate will have to choose the best institute which can help reach the dream career. Career Square Academy is the best institute in Chandigarh for NDA coaching. We provide the top-notch guidance to each and every student who wants to pursue their career in defence. Along with all the recognition, defence jobs come with a lot of perks. Career Square Academy boasts of having highly qualified faculty, chosen study material and strong determination to make every student clear the exam.

Why should you join Career Square Academy?

Helping students achieve their career aspirations since 2015, providing them with the utmost facilities to crack the exam. From the very first batch till today, Career Square Academy has given many results in the national defence exams. Moreover, the success rate is increasing with each new batch.

Facilities at Career Square Academy

  • Highly qualified Faculty which teamed up with Career Square Academy years ago and have stayed till date.
  • Small Batch Size. Our only motto is to produce quality results by keeping the batches small. This way each student gets the personal attention and feels comfortable with the teachers and fellow students which make learning easy.
  • Printed Study Material. What you learnt in the class needs to be reviewed again for sure. For this, you really need the study material in hand. At Career Square Academy we provide you with the chosen study material which is curated by the best faculty having years of experience.
  • Flexible Doubt Session: as we keep our batches small, it makes it easier to take and solve all the doubts accurately.

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    Best Institue for NDA

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